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Friday, April 2, 2010

gods and howl

and now the screen enlightens for i am tossed into the world unadorned by talent or creative means
what is here and now is the end of understanding the process
the beginning of acceptance lack of resistance
when the smoke dies down and the fire engines leave the ruin remains
the home less than it was the families sheltered
where is my command to feel the instants knowing
the lust of the pronouncement the desire of expression
for from my fingers to your brain is the orgasm of my confession
knowing i am only human i seek the comfort of the gods and howl
without a tenor or timbre i compose my thoughts never thinking and then climb forth unabated for my pleasure
not yours
and i seek the solace of my dreams and they visit me with frequent demands
where is the fair love and the missing maiden the light of understanding empties into a vast sea of dark awareness sunken in times labyrinth
forsake me not when i need your game and laughter
or hear your unconsoled weeping
there i fend the truth of my condition
the collapser of feelings into bottomless wastes of memories unfettered by moral men or holy scripture
the truth is without restraint or cares for your devotion
it untouched alone indefilable remains the inviolate edifice for mans commandments and the downfall of all empirical understanding
religion waits for no man and the signs are everywhere
the truth is the end of hiding in the backs of confessionals and to take the battle to the streets where the poor die young and the old are strewn in litters at the doors of the sisters of mercy
let the one last carrier of mans deliverance be heard there is no other
no last crusader to be except for each of us
one last time
to let the world come to our door and be forgiven as we never have before

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