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Saturday, April 3, 2010

own consumption

and in this heart is an engine that never stops never runs down never quits loving
my only thoughts are surprise and gratitude for what is become and will forever be
for it is not that i created it but that it was here all the while waiting for me to open my heart before my eyes would close
for in the darkness came the light that i could not see but only find in my hearts surrender to the emptiness that protected me from holding the false hope of flesh and possession
for nothing could be possessed that did not possess me and in its thrall destroy me in its own consumption
the having wants only flesh to dine on and the getting is the only pleasure that ends without my permission
the world is torn in two and i am but one and left open to the winds that blow through the opening
where the rend is torn the force is lost and all manner of poultices and mendicants fail to staunch the flow
until the heart is whole and one not a part of two is there love that forever fills and brings the force that holds our ressurection

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