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Sunday, April 18, 2010

cannot experience

pure infinite awareness
void of experience
despair of understanding
obscured from thought
the lair of the unknowable is in itself
the knowing energy within us all
seek it and you shall be lost
find it and you are forgotten
your being sits in wonderment
exchanging that which is the divine connection
with the divine manifestation of consciousness
and floating as a raft on the eternal sea
the resolute nature of the authentic self
resides in liquid communion
with the beings transmissions
we are such souls
connected and so very close
to that which we cannot experience
yet we would be that and nothing else
were we given the chance
in days of desperate measures
we relinquish the control of the world
and surrender to the transmission of the soul
we are brought to the center of our awareness
to feel that which is the truth
not what we made real

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