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Tuesday, April 6, 2010


i am living in the center of a storm
the energy constantly evolving and surrounding
my eyes are lidded and in a trance i move
though nothing is missing much is added
the state of my being is here and now
the pressure of my presence is thick and warm
like morning coffee it permeates my awareness
i feel both alive and somehow cocooned
flowing energies wrap my senses and infiltrate my heart
where there were dry days and rough edges on me
now i feel a liquidness of transmission
a field of sensation that is not of this body
in my consciousness there is the well of being
the source of what creates and sustains every living thing
that which is here for me is without measure
or understanding in my physical but is pure and unending
where there is thinning or resistance the flow fulfills and protects
the ocean of awareness subsides into knowing experiencing
the moment is warm with intimate sustenance
all life is drunk with the cup dipped in the heart of being
holding to this moment i am fully engulfed in love
without passion or reason creator or supplicant
the motion is to the port of souls
the bay of being
the island of existence

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