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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

warriors prize

i am cast down through the very strata of all existence through the miles and endless miles of rock and bone and flesh buried and piled through the billions of eons of existence and as i begin to see the fossialted forms take familiar shape and curve of the helms and armor of warriors filled deep in ghastly cliffs that would dwarf even the highest mountains and still the endless visage never ends and i began to wonder why am i being shown this and the answer came as i was flung ever deeper and even into the deepest of the pits of despairing skulls and ribs sticking from the jagged edges this is the aeons and aeons that man has strived for the attainment that you seek do not think this is lightly given or that you would be easily taking this journey for this has been the prize of all prizes and all who tried have found only this reward. be not confused by my warning for there will be no warriors death for those that flee or leave empty handed. and i knew in that instant that the battle for the divine is never won but only fought

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