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Saturday, April 3, 2010

unending trials

and would i be befriended if i were not the man i am but another
is there a face i could wear that is unknown but not unknowable
my compassion is my truth but i am not weak or afraid to be loves hand in mans face to make known the path i seek
when i am cast into my avatars awareness i am the shield for my vulnerabilities and the source of my expression and where i seek the truth there is a sword that knows the name of lies and holds them to the blades edge sharpened on stone of unbearable realizations of my hearts unending trials
i have not fled the battle or held out from the struggles but i weary of the forms and the repetition of fruitless conformity and spiritless amusements held in the ordinary lives of the hunters of the days vain preenings and the nights moment of victory where none is the better of any but all are the best of their own destruction
i am lost to them and found to mine only beloved and truthful companion where all others would not see or could not feel or ever express the mountain i climb or the heart that i carry to her and forever hers to my love and the flower that is our mated souls confession

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