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Friday, April 2, 2010

new religion

god came down from his throne to invite me out for a beer
he said what you do is unimportant but how you do it is everything to me
your weight and suggestion, lefthanded feelings
unexpected reactions are my only care
what ever happens is random but whatever turns the page is all
ands when i asked why he cares at all he
eyed me with a grey green gaze and listed the many things that mean nothing
but create what i am
the uncertainty that is layered in knowing the wishful dreams that exact small fantasies of joy
empty beer cases of deaths religion piling in the garage
the truth is made up of many untoward signs he tells me
and yours are very dear to me because you are mine and you know i will never be without you
how can i have a god for a father then where is my eternal love
where is my blue skinned brother and milking maidens to desire
and my form untouched and beyond this world am i the divinity lost or the prodigal bastard of my virgin mothers womb
fortune has a fellow traveler and his pace is swift and unerring and to this world he comes without a care or a feeling for any but each and every for their own
the tunnel to the other side is open always and through it comes a battalion of unressurected souls to start a new religion
and from every home is taken a sacrifice from the old
cross the doorways paint your prophecies and light the candles of the warriors prayers
here tomorrow and yesterday unending we are come and left for god to wonder if we will ever have enough tears to cleanse the soil of our souls

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