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Saturday, April 3, 2010

words unspoken

what is this i would create this passion for a life i hardly remember
the days and months and years are streamed by and passed from memories
now the minds eye seeks the simplicity of this moment this wall this keyboard this time out of meaning
where i find only my love speaking my words without end
every one a miracle of loves divine folly for man is so obsessed with understanding and enjoying his completion with a language he has learned but never knew what came before
in my heart are the words unspoken the tribal sounds of what it is to be alive and one in the instant of becoming mans perfect opening to the soul
we scream and are forgiven we cry and are consoled we sing in perfect sweetness and are loved beyond meaning
yet words become the passage from mind to mind the essence of our reason to exist is to share and communicate and the word are both the bridge and the barrier to experience
the moments we feel are both set and replayed forever as the words we remember to describe and from them we are brought closer or farther from each other
so every word is the present captured and confined and separated from the rest but given the mercy to be forgiven for its tiresome efforts to convey the tiniest fraction of the reason why we exist together when one would surely be enough

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