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Monday, April 5, 2010


the being awakes
the sky soft and wet with meaning
all thought aside alone
the world darkening around
the invisible radiance of skin
the touch of the still air surrounds
silence encompasses the small sounds
a rattle of drops crosses the window
another sigh escapes
tea steeps and steam rises sultry
in the heavy air of the kitchen
one chair sits wooden comfortable
the rest scattered about the covered table
one word would break the spell
and none are spoken
hidden in the minds eye the light is jeweled
the mantra low and throaty
the vibration in the chest expands
one holy silence speaks
the air vibrates in perfect union
crystallizing into radiant forms
each interlocking union perfecting
with the sound emanating from the breath
arising from the first chakra and through the solar plexus
the engine of sound drives the energy through the channels
unlocking the flow from the silence
the mind sits deep in the well of the soul
and breathes deeply through the navel
the moment expands the tea thickening slowly
untold energy arises and grace descends
undulation fills the spine slowly
and holy force is come
the silence settles around the form in meditation
overcome the tea sits ready

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