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Thursday, April 29, 2010

reflection of matter

in the reflection of matter is the secret of the source of experience
if you look at a rose, you see the color the deep red hue, yet that is the one color that is not absorbed by the very flesh of the flower, it is the one color the flower does not have. all the other colors are absorbed, yet our experience is that which is not part of the essence of the flower but rather that which is rejected by the form, reflected back to the source of the energy connecting to it.
we are the reflection of the unknowable and that which it does not absorb is what we are. yet our very nature is that which we cannot experience, what we experience is what we exist in. yet that which we are completely is that which we cannot experience. it is the nature of reality to be that which is reflected and not that which is intrinsic. we are that which we cannot experience since the actual experience is only the reflection of what is not absorbed by the essence of being.

so with life, this that we experience is that which is reflected back to us, not as the truth of what we observe but rather the vibrations that are not absorbed into that which we seek.
so what we do not observe or hear or touch or smell, that is the true essence of reality, the source incognito of being. and there is where our true inner sense must reside in order to be in harmony with the true nature of our existence, for we are that which is the reflection of what truly is, that which awareness receives that which awareness has made real eschewing all that which it cannot experience, for there is the wonder of existence, its unknowable essence which we are forever separated from through our very nature of awareness. all existence is the creation of the awareness, the undifferentiated source of every experience, yet that awareness is the reflection of the unknowable, that which is not aware that which reflects all the awareness giving shape to every form and feature we can possibly imagine. and beyond that we do not exist in any awareness, beyond understanding for there is no mechanism to see what is not visible, so that which cannot be perceived or experienced, even our very souls unconsciousness is only the shut door and not the entrance to what resides beyond.

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