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Friday, April 2, 2010

corticus interuptus

puffballs of thought collide and a billion spores fill the surroundings
of the mind clouding all understanding erasing awareness and consciousness
leaving only a field of rapidly evolving ideas and symptoms of brain poisoning
where the mind sits it manages the body, the autonomic functions it creates the persona that manages the activities of the crenelated hemispheres, the mixing of sensory input with emotional output
the flash of desire and the rush of satisfaction
all men are alike in this
all eyes see the same light
but all minds feel differently
for what is emotion but the minds direction the passion of belief and the hope of never understanding
we feel not with our heart or our liver or our spleen but from the knob of our medulla the corticus interuptus of the brain stem shooting juices unrefined into the glands and the organs
then we laugh and cry and lust and fear
and the body moves to follow
and are we the victims or the masters of that which we do not understand
is the time to complete the last measure of a man
or is it the punctuation of the exclamation from the start to the end that defines our psyches imprint on our collective consciousness
each man a measure of his own incarnation an elegant creation organic and energetically linked to every other being in every galaxy of existence
for we share a common chemistry and dna divinity of the process of transubstantiation whereby the matter of flesh and bone and electricity are become the spark of awareness and the sudden realization of our separation from each others innermost understandings
and we languish in that singular state through this life unawares and lost without a dream of the truth inside our evolution that is the miracle of birth

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