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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

mirrored awarenesses

the world is shrunk within the galaxies i inhabit
there is only the amazing fullness of creation the unending procession leaving nothing behind, no emptiness unfilled
and here the mother sits undaunted by such tasks unrelenting in her ardor unfailing in her action that i am free completely free and have nothing and do nothing and am part of everything and all is her divine self through me enjoying her very love her every nuance of my existence is her most beautiful work and her existence to me is all i live to experience.
where was i and how this used to be and what is it and why are all her games and the one instant i see her looking though my eyes seeing me becoming that which is aware for each and both together is the instant i am done and the world explodes unending for i am the particle of her awareness of my existence through me.
i sit in that procession of mirrored awarenesses until all becomes the only one and i am transformed as her divine self in every possible understanding and through every layer of her consciousness of being and brought back and birthed and returned until there is only the butter of me and the bread of her and this meal we have forever taken together.

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