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Friday, April 30, 2010

spinner of dreams

The passion of the soul is lifes fulfillment
the heart is the engine of desire and the center of compassion
I am the being the self unknown and unaware of my external drives
The wanting of the needing for the having the making the doing
All are the actions of the marionette the toy for the children to see
I am the master of this drama and the writer of the play
The singer and the spinner of dreams
Where I go I am not and where I am is not a place that can be found
The long days journey ends in the dark
And the hearts flight is found struck deep in the bulls eye of love
The soul seeks and finds the well of pain
And beneath the deepening suffering the hidden river of bliss
The eye of the being is everywhere and sees only the truth
Where the world ends and existence flows into caverns of unawareness
I am that under the trail of despair through the void of consciousness

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