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Saturday, May 1, 2010

sensations rise

i enter
the existence is aware and receives
the center of conciousness sits behind the mask
eyse of deep luminous light shine
the sense of feeling trembles on the very edge of the form
madness simmers beneath the awarenesses flat emptiness
somewhere the flute begins to meet the splash of the fountain
the colors of the decorations
the whisper of the words nearby
the cream of the sensations rises in my fullness
and love spreads beneath the slate of telling
one approaches
a pretty one
one with the soul of unbearable beauty
hair of ravens wing
and eyes of the deep summers day setting
her lips part with such gentleness
the world is swaying to her reflection in the waters
holding her hand i feel the babies tenderness
the foundling helped from his thicket
rescued from destinies fortunes
the languishing syllables of her voice thrill me
and the music fades into her form so full
where am i now i ask myself
for i am so in love

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