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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Another christmas fable

All the children gather round the warm firey embers at the foot of the kindly old man, all rolly and polly and white whiskers aplenty, lighting his pipe with a magical match that glitters and glows like a light bug he'd snatched. The childrens eyes grew as he blew giant rings smokey and rolling they flew like they had wings. All doe eyed and dreamy he started to speak, a tale of a wonderful place past the woods and the creek. All summer he'd toil to make toys for the children, working in his shop full of tiny green urchins. The air conditioner would blow cold wind on their sweat and the little green men would curse and would fret. Its too warm in here and the air is so stale, how can we work when you make us so pale. we need someplace cooler where the sun never shines all this light from the windows is making us blind. They soon formed a committee and drew up a plan they would all go on strike until the old man agreed, this living in the woods was all a mistake. Well, that year the children had coal in their socks and poor old man felt he was lost on the rocks. Next year he proclaimed there will be a big change, I'm getting rid of the green urchins and start over again. Well poor old man went down to the corner where little brown men waited in groups. On every corner were eager brown eyes, he called them to his chariot and away they did ride. But soon the shop was sweaty and bright and the brown men were muttering as they worked through the night. Then suddenly the shop door burst open, "Migre, Migre" shouted the little brown men as they ran for the windows, the door and away they were loping. The blue suited visitors worked fast and with purpose, soon the old man was in court with a jurist. How do you plead you terrorist supporter , endangering our families with your illegal workers. The old man just smiled and rattled his cuffs and stayed mellow, he looked at his belly as round as a cupcake embedded in jello. The old man was kept till long past december and the children again had a christmas not to remember. When he finally got out they dropped him at the mission where they checked him for weapons and got his permission to search his bag and the reindeer that came with him. No animals allowed you'll have to move on so he left for the woods and found his shop by the pond. It was dark and cold and bleak inside, the power was off and the windows were pried open, broken toys lay scattered in tiny colored pieces mixed in with the tiny mouse feces. Oh woe this is too much to take, im leaving today and nothing will i take. So off he fled to escape the towns and the country alike he gathered more reindeer to aid in his plight. Soon hauling kindling he flew to the north past alaska and canada and Quebec and so forth. He finally landed on ice near an inuit village, who were poor and small and had nothing to pillage. The blubber they ate was covered in insects they ate these too to smiling with bugs in their teeth. Finally he said I have found my new nation, alone in the north where i can pursue my ambition. He entered the village all red faced and jolly, they looked him up quick and harpooned him so solly!

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