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Monday, February 22, 2010

before my time

moon gods balloon riding bright above the clouds
my eyes are open like a burst of silver light
come through the night
i have second sight
there are no secrets in the night
things all flip flop first on the bottom then the top
theres no doubt what its all about
i just fly to see the sky alive and all my dreams appear
and reappear in technicolor and i hear
the voices fled before my time
come back to rhyme and spend some time
finding empty lines and twist them up and
change my mind to catch the moon and fly too soon
like a childs balloon and you know too soon
its a miracle you found me here alive
captured with no memories the tv cries to be seen
start up shut down the crows fly to the sound
people screaming not deciding whos invited
underground there all excited its the best thing yet
living like someones pet and the networks down
all over town while the cop is quick
catches the priest and the convict
in a bed of magazines and tv screens
falling down drunk but it only sems your birthday comes
twice a day whenever the party comes this way
chewing telephone poles for licorice sticks
mouths full of mamas bright red lipstick kiddies
running as fast as they can
this aint no place to give a damn
about how the sinners lost the game
are you in fear of this
the emptiness
that covers the sky and all the lies
every broken thought that gets caught
up in the world thats full of time but
never stops to wind the clock
thats in your brain thats full of pain in the pouring rain
its all insane this end of time
like a nursery rhyme that has no name
keeps coming back the songs last refrain
that never goes away
are we here again or am i only dreaming

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