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Monday, February 22, 2010

intuition now

the pauper with a verse is the richest man on earth
i connect to the planes beyond planes
in school we are taught there are chakras and rings above the ones we inhabit
in the 18th ring of the psychic, levels beyond anything on this plane of existence
everytime i would do a reading, i would feel that same sense of connecting to timeless truths
and understanding the fullness of all things
time and space are small toys
a childs world in the dirt
i could look down across it all
and beyond
now what do you feel when you read what i write here
are you affected or moved or abused?
i see worlds within worlds
opening in walls and dimensions out of thin air
connecting everywhere
imagination and clairvoyance are inextricably linked
one cannot exist without the other
the freedom to let them loose is like flying
i trust the very core of my intuition now
its been waiting for me loving me not worried
like my lover always near never missing fom my heart
now in passions newly found we make love unending
it is you in me that led me here
you were there so far so near
but always right here inside each moment like a promise never broken
a ring given a loving token that never leaves my hand holding you
in that i found love and belief and truth and lifes sweet secrets
and each one i shared with you
for you never wavered in accepting and returning every devotion
i am your lifes companion, the writer of your song
i hear it everyday everywhere in every thing i do there you are
the delight of it all
i have found you before and will again for every stone is cast into your sea of love
every bird sings your name
each child your heart reborn
forever bringing love to living
i am done and just begun
where travel takes me matters little for i have come to where i love
and in this fertile valley lingers every one of loves sweet sisters
be fire flame be love simran be holy mother
we are what we have attained again, the righteous are sustained

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