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Wednesday, February 24, 2010


left the house this morning
with my gym bag
and felt soft rain
in big drops
exploding on my face
What a beautiful sky
dark with light edges
left over from the night
of thunder and lightning
filling my dreams
with rain and rescues
My little car flung itself
through the wet streets
wipers bravely wiping
tires hissing
through the rain slicked roads
Bleary headlights pass
and smeary tailights wink
stop and go
Its over
the hot and wonderful summer
and this the first rain of fall
is come to give us notice
harvest what is left
get the hay baled
and the corn in
the winds
and rain
and finally frosts
will be here soon
But first
just this gentle introduction
playful and childish
a baby shower
a blessing
our worlds
spinning crooked
past the sun
and further away
Sunlight angles
and rotation wobbles
and we see miracles
here on earth

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