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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


remembering who we are
is the process of realizing
that we never forgot
The second we see where we came from
we have arrived
this moment whole complete.
where we go from here is meaningless
for we have completed all journeys at once
the center holds all things together
the force of life is supreme against the emptiness
our connection to the source is immediate and powerful
it radiates from our center out to every molecule of existence
all things thrive and vibrate with the vitality of our existence
love pours from us filling every gap healing every seperation
The unity of existence is composed of billions of living connections
all growing and changing and evolving every instant
while at the center
there is only the flow of force
of love
of pure energy transformed
from light to matter.
the potenial of existence is the force
created in the transformation from pure energy
into the condensed energetic building blocks of matter
In the process the excess energy is released
into the universe as light and heat
we live on the edge of cataclysmic eruption
from the stability of emptiness to the chaos of creation
In this process we are thrust together
and become stable elements of being
raveling and unraveling in the malestrom of change
to find our center is to find the moment of creation
the source of existence.
there we are unmoved and fullfilled
without need or change
In the moment there is only
unstoppable ubiquitous cohesion
of every awareness of being
we are thrust and
returned to the ends and beginings of understanding
then stripped of comprehension
the instantaneous conciousness of totality
twists the fabric of being
to our fragile soul
forever connected endlessly

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