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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

transparent lives

writing is expression of the self
an extension of the mouth
an act of communication
a complex weave
of mental and emotional states
compressed into lines and shapes
that are deeply imprinted
into the very base of our psyches
We express an unstated bond
with our brethren
that we will be giving
and they will be taking
as the words are gifts
to everyone who sees them
but they are nothing
They can have everything
every word
every nuance
and they have only that
the shared experience
not the writer
only the words and feelings
but nothing of the truth
of what you are.
we dance
and they see and think
the dancer
but not the being
we are untouchable
for what we are
not what we give
Giving is everything
getting is difficult
to not hold
to not take
and be taken
we live transparent lives
everything is known
only we don't know it
there is no secret
or silly thing unknown
how we move our hands
or drink our wine
or touch ourselves
or sing badly
think dark thoughts
or feel unbearable despair
and madness is life fulfilled
known noted and moved on
but the being is untouched
wrappered in this frenetic living
that is unwrapping
but never the present
awaiting inside

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