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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


how swiftly pass the minutes
when we feel the world upon us
and the weight of time
racing to our end
spending precious moments
waiting for the sunset
or some starry sky to open up before us
watching seedlings sapping
tiny eggs hatching
and seedlings sprouting up every day
clouds stealing
sun reeling
as afternoon follows evening
this mixed up day
children laughing
passing puppies jumping
with mothers chasing
pushing baby carriages away
bells chime the western sky
flashing light from everywhere
in cathedrals hallowed shadowed walls repealed
murky cross limbed figurines
downcast upturned to the cloistered ceiling
unfinished unyeilding
to the end that is the truth we pray
to every day
to see the heart of hope unstilled anew
hark this moment turns
and rises to another sign
of wise men passing
offering one spoken name
flesh be thy womb
and in thine eyes
behold the silent chorus announces
one last morning
long before the morning light is dew

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