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Sunday, February 28, 2010

pains sweet

times crashing keeper slams into the wall of thought and suffers every eyeball to erupt in another vision of suspicion where that which is becomes that which is come to be found here. the life we understand doesnt understand us. hearts in flames devour and souls in pain decide that emptiness exists inside the walls of hapless and unhealthy. the food is full of mothers poison and the water is a blend of chemical compounds, only drugs will help when surgery fails to cure. where is the love that kills the emptiness the heart that beats with the sinus rhythm of pains sweet understanding. have we come to just be feeling alone or to truly suffer. how is life become this dance of broken promises and sure fire ways to kill a generation of the divine. the visions of the slaves and decimated aboriginals come beck in the faces of the newly blooded the unfailing non conforming, spiked and tattooed and covered in the piercings of those we left in mass graves and histories forgotten chapters.

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