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Thursday, February 25, 2010

east west relations

I have tried to call you 4 times
but no connection
I can feel you so close to me
I was so suprised to hear your call
you should have seen my face
jaw dropped to the floor
I didn't get your e mail
been so freaking busy
i would love to talk with you
you are my soul
my one pure meaning
hope and happiness
I can feel your attainment
your overflowing love
my heart is with you darling
there is no separation
all love
all love
all love
Call me again same time
I will try to get the ashram number
and call you
what is a good time
I have no idea of the time difference
can't imagine why i didn't get the call
i want to talk with you
i was at BJ's and got your voicemail
i love you so intensely
i am your heart of feeling love
being one in every moment forever
love love love
thank you love
the beloved one

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