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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

HIS light

I read your heart mail
Presence of truth
unexplained undefined
just being
creates a tornado of reactions
by the ego
If HE held a rock
and took it everywhere
with HIM
and made all HIS decisions
based on the rock
and the rock spoke not
and chanted not
and interacted not
there would be the same reaction
you are HIS light
he shines on them
They see HIS light
and call it shadow
why is one light different
are we not all lights
All is HIS play
HE holds you
you are the mirror
they see the reflections
but not themselves
but HIS reflection
and they are afraid
and doubtful of themselves
Is not the path of the righteous
the destination of the annointed
is there no guardian
to test the unworthy
Players we seek passion
or we find security
and lose what feelings brought us here
fly soar sweet angel
my love

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