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Monday, February 22, 2010

rain evermore

is the love our gift or have we opened a door beyond comprehension, this magical mystic mother divine pouring deep draughts of love upon our simple souls
i am forever changed if this be what my life truly is i can no longer resist
i am afraid to wait it out like a storm that will pass
i want to walk in the rain evermore
when the spirit is filling me i am undressed and alive in the perfect soul of my nature and nothing is beyond my touch
where is my heart gone so beyond what i have been
now thinking alive melting in delirious feelings like a bursting flare of the sun
sending wave after wave of love through the dark spaces now filled with light
and then to be touched in return
to know the sweet answer of lover and loved and so sweet the joy the being found in being found
when does the heart grow and not return never to be empty never to not feel this
would time step aside and space return its emptiness
so we know the union the perfection of one being one joy one eternal unending loving joyful sweet massive perfect powerful completion
here i sit in perfect meditation with my eyes in heaven and my feet cold on the white tiles of my floor and i know only love only time that never changes in the mountains where we know the highest truth the one we share

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