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Thursday, February 25, 2010

el nino

its beautiful
after the night rain
cold clear dawn
The cats are playing in the yard
and everyone else is asleep
this is when i feel the best
the world is my love
i was thinking about the ashram
and i remember that
your not supposed to
have a lot of contact
with people outside
so i think i understand
why it is so rare
that you can write to me
we have moved all the rooms around
we are now sleeping
in the alcove
off the living room
now i have to be very quiet
as i putter in the kitchen
having my coffee and toast
this week
the little room
above the kitchen
will get emptied out
and i will make it
my study/meditation room
i have hope
that this will be good for me
just wanted to send you
some love
from your other home
i will always be here
probably in better shape
than i've been this last month
i hope you are well
all that rain
can bring on a lot of problems
we have had 3 rainstorms
these last few weeks
two of them were pretty big
i guess theres an el nino going on
I hope there is an el nino of love
going on too
You are my precious soul
my only heart filled with love
fly on
sweet soul
to the light

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