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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


If only there were enough words to express my love but then this meager internet device would fly into panic.I remember all the good times and all the weird times without a pang of regret. There is nothing I could feel for myself or every human i have known but gratitude. This is a dream come true over and over in a world that seems to play with us everyday. I never say never and wonder at everyone who can, its all possible and when I find my source and the tree of conciousness coming together I am the holiest of the unholy come back to find the treasure we left so many times. Feast and fun love and joy all wind through our lives. The truth is I believe and that has brought me magic. I feel what is real and there are many a twist between the pale and the light. Even in my bleakest there was the triumph of the heart knowing loves tremendous power touching every living molecule of existence. The force untouched touching everything is neither created or destroyed by man, it simply gives. I have had the greatest moments of my life given to me in unending islands of experience. There I am alive perfect in every aspect, fullfilled and free. The body is a vessel, a loyal companion a source of constant amazement. I thought 30 was the end then I knew there was no end, now 60 seems childs play and the few problems a small price for happiness. Let your sunny side up and swing away, its always living that we love and and always dieing that we know. Be in harmony with both and love will find a way.

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