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Monday, February 22, 2010


I flee to the wild spaces and fear nothing, in civilized clothes i sweat and chafe my back with sharpened teeth. The night passes peacefully dreamless, the day a blur of terror and lust. In my minds eye the earth sinks below the event horizon emptying space and breaking the continuum of being. the first register sinks into the flesh like a fishhook in the soft tissue of the gums. my wednesday is turning into Ahabs lament. Thar she blows! the office rings with the sheer terror of defeat. the mighty walk past tall in their saddle of milestone and gate reviews, the lowly slink under the performance bar. limbo lower now. meetings harpoon the unprepared and cast reason into the screaming emptiness. i see a delicate flower and turn away, unwilling to be a witness an empty participant in the rush to defile.

welcome the mighty guru the placekeeper of the ancient tomes. let the earth tremble, nothing is real except the truth bleeding from the newly incarnate. place your valuables in the bucket and proceed slowly to your appointed exit. other places to be and people to become, first let no man be alone or inviolate, share the despair, feast on meat unending. in judas's stead bring the first born, place him nearest the crimson throne where no man has ever reigned for here is the portal of the invisible, all powerful unending and immortal. gaze deep in the pool of reflection and dream this world unseen. doubt me no entry to your ruptured intellect, the fates will loose all your fancied faculties and release you from all privileged notions. this one fine instant all wishes become ravaging boars and hunt you for sport.

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