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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

must confess

the calling bird
and i drifted in the sky to be
right by its side
there were miracles and symphonies
in the highest of the trees
sent me down upon my knees
every moment seemed unreal
stepped into lifes back door
looking for the other side of meaning
wait for me i called to you
but the wind just blew and
i felt the song singing dieing
calls to afghanistan
you dont understand
i cant feel your light when
i'm in the darkness
a million miles from home
sent here to find my own
cant understand the poem
just writing till the pen
starts crying
the phone screams ringing
for a reason
wait until the summer comes
and lifes begun
another round of doing things untrue
collapsing into emptiness
i did my best
i must confess
it sounds like broken promises
wait for me another day
we'll have a place to play
when everybodies dancing and the sun
is shining
I miss you and I long to be
in the airport free and
looking for a bus to your village
i only wonder now where i used to know
there is no fun in trying

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