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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

own heart

Mine own heart
Sleep is the waking of the spirit
naked of reasoning and reckoning
things happen as they may
with the dance of our billion celled brain
we put on our suit
of sanity and gravity
and walk
pressed to the earth
imposing our path
through the jungle of existence
I would take you
where you want to go
I think of your searing light
and quest for love
for HE that love is
I become awed that I am here
a part of that love
I am happy more
than i've been in months
there is a tiny being in me
that is reeling
from the powerful message
your heart sends
you have become one with love
with lifes meaning
the ecstatic dance
that gives form
My sight is blurred
looking at the infinite light
you radiate
So this is love
I am so glad
so happy
to be here with you

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