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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

never wrong

Most people just go
uh huh yeah whatever
I figure theres little point in wondering
whos playing the real game
and who makes the rules
We'll all get it one way
or another
I did want to say that
its never wrong in my book
to follow your heart
Some times we worry too much about
being right and in control
The world tends to love
the spontaneous and inebriated
over the scheduled and practiced
I work like an idiot for what
to feel totally powerless to do
what i feel the need to do
when I feel it
There has to be a point where
we get to have a life
that is connected to our heart
and not be something that makes the world safe
I am leaving the world behind me someday
it would be nice if i could do what i want
once in a while
while i'm here

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