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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

under deeper

you are fully exposed
you live in reality
feeling and struggling
its what life is for
to move in the physical takes effort
so to experience life takes feeling
you exercise that emotional muscle
but its defense
it takes energy
and you are left struggling
to stay afloat
floating requires only the cessation of movement of stuggle
then you are in the flow and the water sustains you
the struggle sends you under
deeper than me
i love you
you are my heart and soul
i know you as myself
what i say about you is true for me
i become more myself by being inside you
there are days when i do not exist
that is how i compensate
i shut down robot
look around and see nothing feel nothing
its all a vast emptiness full of noise and commotion
we find there is no past or future
the moment is a tiny space
occupied by me
why me

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