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Monday, February 22, 2010

away in a manger

its the last day of christmas
and the muslims hate the jews
and all around the world
war is in the news
santa claus is buried
in video reviews
of insant messages
demanding toys
from all the naughty
girls and boys
hoping for reprieves
before the feast of consumption
swallows its own tail
a yuletide list of broken dreams
makes appearance without fail
mommies working daddies dying
even little timmy's crying
when will we ever get something
newer better more
from all the poor department stores
kneeling at wal marts door
times are hard
and even harder is the ignorance of bliss
when presidents and royalty
throw pennies to the privileged
and nothing to the poor
the fatted calves are macdonald bound
a glittering with gold
poor frankincense and swaddled child
are searching in the cold
flee hope
cry innocence
lingering singing harkens to
past christmases of yore.
black sooted stovepipes
struggling from slattered roofs
pour coal dust and stinking smoke
raining on every street ridden soul
come christmas be joyous
the day is not done
this last day of christmas
a single drummer boy
marching to kingdoms come

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