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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

expanding force

you cannot feel different than what you feel. What would that be? False which you are not. Some times we cannot commit to a course of action because it seems to be a part of somethinmg we do not recognize as true, but the truth is in recognizing our hearts desire and letting that grow. We cannot become that which we do not want to be without destroying that which we love. I do not think you can do that.
In your heart there is fear and that fear is from recognizing the source of pain. You do not want to surrender to that which is false. Yet you are told this is true. It sets you up for confusion and self doubt. The energy we use to either accept or reject that which comes to us is directly connected to our third chakra. This is where cords to or from others often confuse that process. Clear out that part of your energy system and feel your energy flow in that chakra. Then look at the issue.

In every thought there is the plan for action, in that plan is the energy that the action will carry, that energy already is affecting you and those it is directed towards. The universe takes that energy and sends it, the deed is but a shadow. Its unbearable to comprehend the ocean of energy we are submerged in. When the power of the being is brought into the physical world, there is a clarity that surrounds that being. But beyond that all is chaos and greater dissatisfaction. We live in the boundary between the two so the difference is great. We experience the clarity of the being and then the confusion of the individual, seperate but at the mercy of the currents.

Your heart is pained, a million little things are not in harmony, you know what is perfect for you and you see and feel the differences and their each and every one important and cant be ignored but have no resolution. There is the desire of the human nature to love beauty and symmetry and likewise we reject ugliness and discord. This is the pattern of the universe to resist disorder to support the perfect bonds of life and living. But all things come undone and so we are repulsed by thyem. In every action there is the move to order as well as the move to beauty which is a higher standard of order. In the process some settle for the security of rules to the negation of beauty but the promotion of ordered process. In their hearts this is following the call of the universe to provide and protect. But in the higher ordered beings, this falls short and seems to be almost the opposite of support for it shuts out the pursuit of true beauty and transcendant joy for the safety of rules and patterns.

Here is where your heart rests, between the good and the wonderful. A prisoner of the good order, the earthly collective and reasonableness. Where there is light, there is no brilliance, where there is form there is no undying affinity with the cosmos. The small overwhelms the expanding force while trying to preserve the past. we feel trapped by the force of preservation yet it is not the evil but the mundane that we are in conflict with.

Take energy from that source in your soul for it is transcendant to the rest. It is your truth.

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