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Tuesday, February 23, 2010


with christmas oh so near
and the new year right behind
i thought it best to write to you
before it slipped my mind
the winters dark and dreary pace
on this the shortest day
seems some how full
of menace and portent
more than any other year
the facts of life
are simple now
that days go one by one
the summers heat
is left behind and
the fire is left to burn
each holy night
and frosted dawn
approach as friends
so long unseen
the pictures from a book of days
that were stored away and old
the dusty tomes unearthed and
opened full of ancient lives
now cast upon the bed of time
and fell open to this page
alight and cold
the moon approaches
without name or time
every face is written there
and everyone a line
the man in the moon seems
somehow sweet and old
but the sounds of its orbit
soon are told
with jumping cattle
and spoons leaping bold
the light that falls
is upon us all
and the sun awaits
the darkness enthralled
tubby babes soon are borned
and mommies wipe their faces
all the world speaks in tongues
and hurries through their dreaded duties
the love of man is never gone
but is lost in many places
In somber night and stony repose
the flinty face of man is boldly written
for this winter solstice time is come
and we are weak as kittens
from this empty pit emerges
the final pulse of life unborn
let christmas come but once this year
and with it let it be spoken
that never a man has needed love more
than in this forsaken place
lost in time and stuck in space
with out a bus or token

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