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Thursday, February 25, 2010


Sweet loved one
it must be wonderful,
living the ashram life
waking to chanting and meditation,
basking in HIS love and power
sharing with like souls on the path
and knowing the grace is within you
I am so happy for you
I have found lately
that I am back working hard
and becoming happy with my work
not so longing for the other
for what you and I shared
all the time
It has allowed me some peace of mind.
I feel satisfied with my life
and family
and the direction i am taking,
keeping the peace with my heart
soul and body.
You tell me to watch out
for my health
well the most dangerous thing
is to be at war with yourself
to be filled with negativity
In that respect
I am getting much better
I could feel the effects
of my negativity on my body
and believe me I was plenty worried
about the consequences
So now its a beautiful day
and more to come
I finally have my meditation room
and later today
I am taking all the stuff you gave me
and begin decorating
Thank you from the bottom of my heart
for all your love and patience
with my needy negativity
over the last weeks
but I am finally cured
My life has always been a miracle
so I know it still is
You are my love
and I your loving correspondent.
May my words bring you happiness
and sweet thoughts
forever alive in HIM
forever in love in HIM
forever your love in me

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