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Monday, February 22, 2010

inciting flames

in you i find the fire of my light
and the source of gods revenge on mortal beings
where would apollo be if not here and now
when the world is searching for his kin
play free with time
for the mast of destiny sets open the sails of disaster
what we do now means little to the dead who follow us here
the dull plodding of their unearthly footsteps
approaches with the last passing of redemption
close tight the gates of hell
for we are forever lost to our damnation
like jews in the desert we wander unknowing
through circles of sand inciting flames
to light the pagan altars
sacrificing our last daughters of worship and despair
the words speak like broken glass to ears tuned only to slaughter
Jackasses mount men
and cattle devour the meek for unhungry pleasures
be not fearful, for your wicked ways are not the reason
the dice have sealed your fate.

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