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Sunday, February 21, 2010

god came

questions sit unanswered and puzzles lay in piles
wondering has wandered off
with mysteries and beguiles
there is no need for analysis or expensive introspection
god came down from heaven today
to make a new god child connection
placing both his feet on the mighty continents
he spoke to the world of all his new intents
This day forward there will be no surprises
I reveal all to you and repeal all dogmas
whatever you seek has already been found
no need to have hopes or fears
arguments or killing or hiding underground
I bring you the one truth you seem to all miss
Did you think any of my creation meant
you should forbid a kiss
or deny true love
when two lovers entwine
they praise my creation with that which is mine
these are the gifts I give from above,
Touching and holding
bodies in love and lovers at play
this is the life you were given on your birthday
You will want for nothing the earth is your nest
i give you all peace from wars, work and the rest.
Fill the heavens with singing
laughter and loving
joy and forgiving,
I have come
I have spoken
now quit fooling around
I'll just wait here till you all settle down.

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