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Sunday, February 21, 2010

questions god

on the subject of gods
i have a few questions
are we ever to be free from them
or are we enslaved forever
there is no love no power
no trick they will not use
to snare us
am i foolish to walk in lonely circles
muttering to myself
of free will and conciousness
i contain love i contain spirit
must i contain god separate from that
a force of attainment that is
somehow not my right by living?
it has to be as easy as breathing
simple as singing
free as raindrops
true as the perfect heart
when i find my cosmic lover
oh and by the way
i did
in the belly of the beast I toiled waiting
staying pure and being ready
knowing her soul was alive
holding her gently forever
oh perfect union divine
from such hard world confined
i was hers and she mine
i was in heaven on earth
bagawan could not find her
god had searched all his days
for her sweetness
i swam in her ocean of love forever
then took her where
she was needed
now they have her
and i struggle on the dry shore
my gills gasping for her sweet love

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