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Sunday, February 21, 2010


I know you said you can't write to me so I'll just pretend we are. It's gotten so crazy here I just want to leap out of my body and fly away. There is so little room for me, I always need that wiggle room and its shrinking. Someday i need to get away and finally feel some freedom.It must be great to hve that. I hope you have that feeling free thing happening. I know I have felt trapped at times even in the best of times.The world is a smaller place without you here. there is no flow and flash of all our experiences. I know we are growing on different paths only to meet again along the way. The most wonderful things have happened meanwhile for both of us. I have renewed my being in my own connection to the divine and so have you. I now find every moment an inspiration to create my self over and over. Yesterday our instructor told us he was suffering from dizziness and inner ear problems and none of the drugs the doctors gave him were helping. He was reeling around the room and nearly falling down. I told him it could be energeticly caused by an imbalance or blockage and offered to give him a healing. He was extremely skeptical but desperate. He agreed and I gave him an hour long healing. It really went well. I don't know if he improved as he had to fly back today, but the interaction was all about love and compassion and he got to step in a world he never would have otherwise. It was an empowering moment for me to offer a healing to a stranger and be unconnected to the outcome. It was great for me.
I pray you continue to think of me as your other lover and wish you all love and light divine eternally.
In your heart is a door to my soul
come see me anytime

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