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Sunday, February 21, 2010

hello my love

Wow, I finally had a really great day. I felt as though i was watching one of those movies where everything is in black and white and then the color comes seeping back in. I started noticing all the love in all the little interactions of all the people i watched. The touching and tender tones the smiles and caring looks. It was a day of returns for me a return to seeing with my heart and sharing from my heart. And I had and still have a ton of work here to do. Last night i had dinner and a four hour conversation with her. She is such a beatiful soul. We talked about her life and loves and my stories and psychic school and getting to the next level in relationships and spirituality and when the crew at mariscos was getting ready to clean up we finally left, promising to do this again. It was a great feeling and a great day. I can tell my energy is coming back to me. I think I really needed some time to re experience myself, find some center, get back into some kind of contact with you, for my love will never die, and finally remove the barrier i put around my heart, for i so was afraid it would just start to hurt again. But there has been enough time and work on my part to get back to square one. I certainly hope to talk with you again today and do this every week while you are there. You carry my love wherever you are and i feel you in my soul smiling your beautiful smile.

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