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Sunday, February 21, 2010

loving madness

the morning sings my song
sweet music all day long
with today just begun
i watch closely for the sun
waking every child from dreaming
emperor bright
chariot speeding
seeks his goddess of the night
her unseen liquid vision
his ceaseless driving passion
they keep running never moving
as nighttime creeps around
hidden from her lover sun
ever shadowed underground
i listen for the sirens sound
of the night sky gently breathing
as I slip into my dreaming
there is no time or reasoning
as i step beyond my cares
traveling the sweet night air
touching faces
unknown spaces
flying to the moon and stars
i whisper of the suns long sadness
to the dark queen of the night
the universe is loving madness
as the light and night are one
dark light eclipse
brilliant nimbus
collapsing laughing crying done
when my silver cord surrenders
and my visions disappear
from my pillow i can hear
the morning singing songs
and sweet melodies begun

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