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Sunday, February 21, 2010


i'm impatient, waiting, reading and writing, my clock ticking as the moments stop and then go. what phantasy is this that i am in. the people and places seem like a bad play, the sun a giant light bulb. i have no role, just a stagehand setting the props for the players. they strut and cry and laugh and yell trying to convince the audience but there is no one there. i wait my turn. the lights dim. the actors retreat. the sets come down and then the music softly fills the cavernous darkness.dim lights burn and the universe of empty seats surrounds and the voices that had echoed in the closing are stilled. all the worlds a stage and each of us alone create that world for ourselves. my play is running down to the wire. the seats are sold out and the rehersals are done. tonight it begins, this moment this sweet instant of action that leads to surrender. I have a song in my soul singing love and the whole world hears it. Let me sing it for you. play lightly with the children for they are our dearest ancestors come to be our friends, to show us their hearts. be kind for in kindness there is hope. be true to your self for you are the eternal being knowing only love. go into the light, for light is our mother sending her love. find the love all around you even when there is none to be seen. each moment has a meaning, hold it in you heart and accept its lesson. be joyous for everyone for there is no one else here, thank everyone for it is all love everywhere.

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