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Sunday, February 21, 2010

watching outside

its thursday now
and monday seems just a blur
the carnival of life revolves and reels around me
flashing lights and crying
maybe this is a good time to talk about what is really going on
there is no truth no lie anymore
just feelings and awareness
past is gone
future unborn
present swimming circling
waiting without knowing
we pass some barrier and see it looking back
god is a road bump
a pothole we experience banging into our reality
a body in motion remains in motion unless acted on by an outside force
i am moving waiting
watching outside
forcing me away
i see the simplicity of knowing,
the implicit trust and fearless actions unifying
melting away me and you and every face i am
then i am pulled and grabbed and tugged into my body
away from the truth to here
now separated
fractured mirrors scattered from the collision as one crosses the line.
its thursday
and every time is this time
every thought this thought
every action this action
reflecting echoing vibrating endlessly without meaning.
hoarse whispers ending a night of screaming
as the full moon looks in my eyes wide with love
for you

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