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Sunday, February 21, 2010


told story of god
the old man wrinkled
and laughed through
missing teeth like
black ju-ju bees
eyes sparkling light
the words came
cracked and slow
when he was young
the story goes
he met an old man
on the road
carrying a large sack
he offered to help but
no he said i have to
deliver this to the church
what is it the boy asked
its my sins he said
they have no where to go
so i am taking them back
where they came from
no one else can take my sins
The priest told me when i was young
that you can't go to heaven with your sins
so i am ready to die and i'm leaving my sins
with the priest
the boy laughed and said you can't leave your sins
you have to do penance and
ask for forgiveness
no said the boy you will never go to heaven with
such a big load
but the old man stopped and put down his bundle
if the church will not take these
then i'll just leave them here
I was only keeping them because the priest
always said god loves a sinner.

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