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Saturday, May 22, 2010

collective unconsciousness

i am at least as extended through my thinking as i am through my actions. i imagine a world of unending possibilities and they begin to manifest. i speak to my brother of setting up my life to have more time for the work, the advancement of the spirit, and i am offered that.the validations of the force and the actions of the mother become greater and greater. i am everyday struck forcibly by the sublime energy of transformation, its divine fire overwhelming me and creating this new expanded being. as i expand i empty that which is too small and would limit my expansion merely by its concept of scope limited to a single aspect of a principle or the single belief in the material reality of an object or feeling. for the expansion is of abilities and anything that is unable to grow immediately or allow others to grow is unbearable.the easiest way to recognize this is by the degree of contraction imposed by considering the object. if i feel a contraction of my awareness a narrowing of my feelings a limit to my expression then its nature is unacceptable. my thought processes must be able to command the principles of infinite, individual and empty all in the same imaginary concept for it is only in the imagination there is sufficient enormous power to bring unrealized capacity to hold such unrelated but interconnected concepts together to create a new manner of realization and, in a marvelous way, the concept of divine thought.for the thought of the divine is to manifest with the complete awareness of at least these three principles in all realizations thus ensuring the complete system of existence, absolute and non being of any manifestation within the cosmos. for were there to be a manifestation without one of these principles all else would fail as the law of creation would be abolished in order to allow the lopsided progeny to not feel miscomposed. for any thing the divine can imagine must be and what is and isnt in this dimensional field is the design but not the only possible one, for we can exist in more than this field where such unbalanced systems are at work and their ultimate result could very well affect the outcome of all existence in this one. so be sure that progress in what i do is as important as life itself for what is being done here. were there to be no ascension or supermental levels of aspiration we would likely be cast off as a redundant field of manifestation that proved unworthy for continuance. at every stage of existence our ability to collaborate with the forces in existence is tested and checked and reported to beings beyond our awareness who wait without knowing as their experiments yield results the determinations of which are our own consciousness and aspiration on every level of assemblage, as individuals, as a race, as a shared mentality with other levels of consciousness and our ability to absorb higher states of awareness and disseminate them through out the collective unconsciousness and then bring that to light. where these fail we all are on the petri dish that is set aside for washing. so in the process of divine aspiration we are all carried to the cosmic university and are tested on things we are never taught but should naturally absorb from the rays of cosmic light that are constantly bombarding us. our obscurity to these concepts is a measure of our lack of unified realization of the true nature of existence even at a cellular conglomerative stage where we are basically unconscious even of the bodies we have been given to enable our absorption of the vibrations being sent unending to our systems and we are to be interpreting them and using this information as fuel and for direction for how to create the next evolution. even the monkeys were able to divine the meaning of the signals and created the humans for the next step. and while unconsciously we are repeating and repeating the process outside of the organic systems, we still lack the impetus except through random poisoning of the flesh, to evolve the form for the next progression. since the body has the neurological system enhanced to receive all the transmissions its is reasonable to assume that it can also interpret these signals regardless of their perceived vibrational aspect.the issue is the nearness of the giant transmitter that brings the life and sustains it for half of every revolution of the planet, so it is in the night that the other signals can be acquired and separated and assembled as to their intent and direction.thus the reason for astronomy though the astrologies are also more directly linked to the systems that are to be affected. but the combination of the two is the most effective at cataloging the vibrations and signals from each body and its significance to the immediate nature of the human experience. a close study of the being born under specific influences would yield the necessary knowledge organically that is being looked for by the overseers of the manifestation of the divine. there are cosmic occurrences that occur throughout the universe and each send a message to all the petri dish civilizations and each are absorbed and distilled according to the particular geometries of design of the systems in each, and beyond this universe, the untold dimensions each a more distant reflection of the source, which we are not but are also just another reflection, there is a cataloguing and comparing and inventorying of all the aspects and the response of the minute organisms and how they structure their existence as a result. in each the tremendous upheavals and catastrophic changes threaten the end of another promising study, but ultimately the source is reflected as it should be and the evolution can finally ensue. on this petri dish, the struggle to bring the truth has been fruitless for thousands of years but luckily, the divine lab technicians use a different timekeeping method that multiplies infinities and we have not exceeded our allotment.

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