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Monday, May 3, 2010

loving sister

i sit alone and you are the one i am connected to
all others are gone and remote to me
though they may be here next to me
in my state i cannot prepare or anticipate
only what is
what is given
my choices are not divine
but the ones i am given are
i struggle to know the difference in me
where one ends and the other prepares me
the fortune of my fate is beyond measure
yet i am the least of the masters
the lowliest of the seekers who have passed here
i am terrified as you know,
the next step is without footing
there is the faith of my feet that goes before me
can my faith bridge the divide
the void that awaits
i hear the gospel and the hymns,
feel the power and the divine majesty
but none of these can cross with me
or even support my passage
for there is nothing
that is the heart of my confusion
i cry to your shoulder only
for i need support
you have always been there for me
i know we are not alone together
but here i fear we part
each to an unknown awaiting
with every fibre disconnected
where the masters sit is beyond
there is the source of what it is not we seek
but destroys all we are to become unknown
i sit and feel nothing
i await my fate and the release of my karmas
it may be a lifetime i sit
but there is no where to go

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