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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Thomas Messenger

This day is the twin realizations, of the mind and of the form, Today i saw the makeup of the universe the forces that exist and how we are captured and willingly into the vortex of the winds of existence. I saw the two parabolic shapes of the universe opposing and reflecting each other in the center of the unending unknowable unmanifest. how this came was the bench seat in the refuge looking over the pond where i stopped but for a few minutes to meditate lightly. I closed my eyes and settled my body and mind in a downward slump of ease and suddenly i felt a great acceleration backwards and i was flying sitting to the rear as if on a horizontal elevator and i wondered what this was and saw that the forces seemed split around me and were racing forward as if sitting at a stop between two giant trucks and they both start to move in synchronization forward and i would feel like i was going backwards. and that was exactly the feeling here not that i was flying back but everything else around me was rushing forward and i was still. and i realized, i had released my hold on the energies of existence and had fallen off the rushing passage of living. the energies rush on and on and we cling to them. when we let go we stop and they continue always to rush on in grater and greater circles of existence. and i was dropped to the layer of the unknowable where nothing moves and there i was like a pod on its surface with the energies rushing on. and i realized that we did not experience the movement for as long as we held on there we were in perfect sync with the wind and felt only that we were standing still. i knew that we were once just unmoving unmanifest substance that was infiltrated by the reflection that whirled from the untouchable and as the reflection touched upon that which was untouchable over and over and over until the tiniest bit became infused with its passage and that bit like a splinter felt movement and became enraptured and found a bubble of itself reach into the rush of the force and kept reaching until a hand could form and grasp that wind and held on and was carried away in ecstatcy. and there we are eternally enraptured in the unending motion of reflection of the unmanifest and born of it and captured by the winds until we learn to stop and let go and we return to the unmanifest that we truly are.
and it came to me my given name is Thomas Messenger and shall henceforth be known.

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