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Monday, May 24, 2010

divine alignment

the process of the higher structures of the absolute to get pushed down to the multiple levels of awareness and the forces of the various planes of consciousness that restrict the activities at all levels below it until you reach down to the very dense level of the physical, is the process of the divine infusing the whole of creation with its divine purpose which is to create a structure so perfect it will align all of the structures of the manifest level with the unmanifest and in that moment of connection and alignment bring together a mixture of forces whose result will be an new and perfectly formed energy that will fulfill its divine purpose.
I liken this to our own bodies force of reproduction only for the sake of making this understandable to the human. The forces of the manifest would be the male reproductive system aligning everything in the human form to create and align its purposes and functions to manufacture the very seed and then embrace the unmanifest in the female to entice that seed into her prepared and fertile egg where the result would become the unbelievable new energy of the child not mother or father and becoming a complete change in all the activities thereafter and is not predictable. just as the seed and the egg cannot have any understanding of the beings and energy they represent and create so too does the human not understand the incredible structures of energies they are the very physical essence of. for here we ae the very hand of the divine attempting to touch the unliving matter, imbue it with our divine consciousness and bring it into collaboration with the divine purpose which will ultimately result in a fashioning of an new state of being that has never existed before, something both manifest and unmanifest and also neither of ach. it is this that we are attempting to create, each of us the seed or the egg of the equation each of us the last conscious level of the chain of awareness pushing down the higher structures and purposes that are designed uniquely and specifically for our attempt to create the perfect alignment and cause the evolution to continue. this must occur in synchronization with all levels of the dimensional reality being created by our dimensional awareness and consciousness at all levels up to the highest absolute which is the perfect reflection of the unmanifest and the very connection to the divine which is beyond knowing. It is through the alignment of these structures created from the perfect connection to the divine down through all the levels of being to the final state of dense physical matter where we are the link from the awareness of the divine to the level of inert matter that the human becomes the very hand of god, but this hand needs to have the connection beck to the divine in order to understand its purpose and proceed with complete alignment to the will of the divine. For this to occur our higher awareness is attempting to bring the consciousness into our physical bodies so we can be in the alignment, however the senses veil all the communications behind the wall of sensations and mind control of the physical entities. until the human can discover the higher level of awareness through the gradual dropping of the mind and sensations filled thoughts there is no alignment. once the mind stops reacting to the physical, the communication can begin and the structures of the higher awareness can be sent to the physical, changing the body structure so the higher awareness can be expressed in the physical form. as that completes, through the entry of the force into the body, then the consciousness changes to communicate openly with the higher dimensions. alternatively the individual can take the path direct to the divine and the feel the direct connection from which the awareness can be changed and the absolute nature of the divine purpose is revealed and expressed in the human form.

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