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Monday, May 3, 2010

Mother speaks

obsession can only lead to release from obsessions
Mother: hehehe
and you the divine lover will be held in celestial communion
i wrote many things this morning
i am struggling
Mother: why?
Mother: struggling to write?
not to write but with my own nature and what is uncovering in me
Mother: accept it gracefully
Mother: keep Love and Light in Thy Heart
Mother: think of me
Mother: I am holding you
i experience my shortcomings when the force does not come
Mother: don't be so attached to the Force... let go
Mother: you know all this
Mother: hehehe
if that would only happen so simply
i am now a creature of the divine and what i hold or let go is no longer my choice
even now i am hungry and am feeding to fill the void
an oh does it taste good
its the emptiness that fills me and lack of it that makes me hungry
what i knew is now dust in the wind and what i will know is not answers
my experiences are relative to this plane of existence and in order to move on i must let those go too
Mother: yes
what is awareness is now the cudgel of the divine
the submission of all knowledge and experience to the void

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